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Redcliffe Self Storage is your one-stop shop for Redcliffe moving boxes, packaging materials and boxes in Redcliffe! You’ll find everything you require for your move including cheap moving boxes when you buy in bulk.

We also offer second-hand boxes and we buy our boxes back once you’re done (at a lower price; depending on condition). We use solid, dependable, Australian-made boxes and thanks to our Redcliffe Box Shop, you can have access to the same materials the professionals use – at a competitive price!

Buying vs. Renting Boxes

We find that many people keep some of their boxes, damage a few and return the rest – so when you do the maths, it’s normally much cheaper to buy what you need & then we’ll  buy back those you have finished with. Buy as many as you need (not what you don’t need) and get free delivery!

What do we sell?

Boxes:                                                                                                                 Packing Supplies:

Tea chest boxes                                                                                                                 Packing tape

Book / wine boxes                                                                                                          Butcher’s paper

Crystal carton                                                                                                              Bubblewrap 500 wide

Golf / utility cartons                                                                                                 Bubblewrap 1500 wide

Half tea chest boxes                                                                                              Corrugated cardboard roll

Picture / mirror boxes                                                                                                    Tissue paper

Wine carton                                                                                                                     CarryAll bags

Archive box (with lid)                                                                                                         Tape

Flat pack box                                                                                                                 Tape dispenser

Croc boxes (for crockery)                                                                             Furniture covers: 3-seater lounge,

Port-a-robe                                                                                                         single / queen mattress covers,

Cube box / TV box                                                                                               lounge & dining chair covers.

Wine box (with styrene insert)

Computer monitor carton

Priority cartons

For details, pricing, photos & dimensions, please contact us.